Apple Seeds Update Removing Java Plug-In From Mac OS X

Apple has rolled out three software updates to remove the Java applet plug-in from Mac OS X. Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, OS X 10.7 Lion, and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion users will be prompted to update their software momentarily.

Mac OS X Java update

Tuesday’s seeded update will remove the Apple-built Java plug-in from every web browser on the systems and ultimately force users to manually download the plugin from Oracle’s website. Almost every Mac vulnerability discovered over the past year comes as a direct result to the outdated Java code. This update aims at halting all-such attacks.

When OS X 10.7 Lion launched, Apple had subsequently dropped future Java applet updates — thereafter updates were placed upon the backs of the OpenJDK community. The only Apple-released updates since then was related to deactivation of their Java run-time applet.

With the release of OS X Lion, Apple had dropped the Adobe Flash Player plug-in over similar security flaws. Considering Apple isn’t able to provide a consistent stream of updates to these plug-ins, it’s best to discontinue them to avoid any form of vulnerability.

Update Download Link

Here is the Lion & Mountain Lion update download link. If you are using Snow Leopard, then follow this update download link.

Source: 9to5mac

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