Microsoft veröffentlicht möglicherweise Windows 9 im April 2015

Obwohl Microsoft came up with a major revamp in Windows 8, the new OS hasn’t exactly been a hit. Reports have it that in view of this, Microsoft may come up with a Windows 9 release in April 2015.

Windows 8

Microsoft has tried to make Windows 8 more acceptable to the users by dishing out regular updates and new features. A recent example of this is the Windows 8.1 update which brings the Windows tab back in the new OS. However, there are still a lot of conventional Windows features missing in the overhauled OS.

Gemäß Paul Thurott, Microsoft is preparing the next major Windows release codenamed ‘Threshold.’ This update will bring a whole plethora of new features to Windows 8 including the Start Menu. Moreover, the Threshold release will further bring together Microsoft’s multiple platforms including Windows, Windows Phone und Windows RT.

The interesting part, according to Thurott’s sources, is that Microsoft aims to market this ‘Threshold’ update as Windows 9. This, he says, will be done so that none of the problems attached with Windows 8 may bog down the new release. This Windows 9 will apparently be unveiled some time this year and will be made available to the users in April 2015.

Not only will the rumored upgrade bring new features, Microsoft also aims to improve the Windows 8 UI in the next iteration. Moreover, the company is also readying a single, unified app store for Xbox, Windows Phone and Windows users. It remains to be seen how this new strategy pans out in the coming days. For Microsoft, the future of Windows depends on this because if one unpopular release is followed by another, Windows users may become too disillusioned to stick with the platform.

Quelle: Paul Thurott

Höflichkeit: TNW

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