Windows 8 Screenshots Leaked [Breaking]

Microsoft’s operating system, Windows is again making news as we move closer to the official release date of Windows 8. In the latest updates, some leaked screenshots of Windows 8 have been grabbed which depict some changes in the interface. There’s a ribbon on the Explorer’s icon and apart from some minor UI tweaks, most of the look and feel is quite similar to Windows 7.

The screenshots kind of depict Microsoft’s continued conviction to make operating system very user-friendly. In the shots that have been grabbed, the personal settings are more neatly tucked under the settings folder which means you can customize your Windows with a lot more freedom.

The long-touted ‘ribbon’ on Internet Explorer icon is also there, kind of a new design for Windows’ default browser. One hopes the functionality of the browser would have also improved considerably.

A significant addition is the menu panel for regular, folder view. It looks quite similar to the menu bar we get at the top of Microsoft Word 2007. There’s also a new, more stylish, window which shows the details when the data is being transferred. Another very useful change, evident from the screenshots, is that the task manager has a new look and contains the regular details but much more neatly for the user to view. Apps and background processes are shown under two different panels.

Other than that, the desktop look and the overall feel of Windows 8 falls quite close to that of Windows 7, which by the way was not bad at all. Seems like Microsoft has decided to keep all the popular UI components of Windows 7.

You can visit the entire gallery of these Windows 8 screenshots here.

Image courtesy John Bristowe.

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