EightKeys – Change the way you Type on your iDevice

A new day,a new tweak.New keyboard in Cydia: EightKeys.It will change the way you type on your iDevice. It’s typing concept is that there is 8 large keys shown when you are going to type something, and each of the eight keys when clicked leads you to individual letters.

EightKeys is a new keyboard layout for the iPhone that comes with:

* Eight large difficult-to-miss keys for typing letters and symbols
* You can now focus on the text you edit. No need to keep watch on key strokes and autocorrect suggestions.
* Take control of the words you type. Freely type slangs and non-English names.
* Type on the go
* Type blind
* Designed for both landscape and portrait mode. Can be used with one or two thumbs

It is available free via the BigBoss repo.
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