Apple kann iPad 4 heute wieder einführen und iPad 2 ersetzen

Apfel enthüllt IPad der 4. Generation back in October 2012. However, later when Apple launched iPad Air, iPad 4 was discontinued. Reports have it that now iPad 4 is about to make a return as Apple poises it for iPad 2‘s replacement.

iPad 4

Apfel iPad 2 has been around for quite some while now. Currently, it is probably the most affordable Apple slate that is officially available from the company. The 9.7-inch slate starts from a mere $399.

However, the company is ready to abandon iPad 2 and replace it with iPad 4 which packs better specs and yet, will help keep the price points low. iPad 4 includes an A6X processor as well as a 5 megapixel camera. And although it has a relatively thicker body, much like iPad 2, it is available in white and black color with the option of W-lan only or LTE compatible models.

iPad 2 has undergone a severe supply throttle in recent weeks. This may mean that Apple is trimming down the supply of the tablet so that it can effectively be replaced with iPad 4. Reports have it that Apple has been rolling out iPad 4 shipments to retail locations and today is the day when the stores have been asked to open the shipments.

If you have been planning on buying iPad 2, it is rather good for you that the line-up is being replaced with iPad 4. The 4th-generation slate will cost you $449 for the entry-level model, as opposed to $399 for entry-level iPad 2. But the new tablet packs far better specs. Moreover, the 3G iPad 2 costs $529 while the 16GB LTE model of iPad 4 will bear a price tag of $559.

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