Rapidshare fordert die USA nachdrücklich auf, nach dem Verknüpfen von Websites und nicht nach Filesharing-Diensten vorzugehen

Rapidshare, one of the biggest file sharing sites on the internet, is worried about the recent crackdown efforts by U.S. agencies on sites alleged to be promoting piracy. The file-sharing site has already submitted its recommendations on forming a joint strategy to enforce intellectual property to the Office of U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator(IPEC). It has also met with technology leaders in Aspen at Technology Policy Institute forum yesterday in this regard. Rapidshare has stressed that the U.S. should continue with crack down on piracy, but not by shutting down file-sharing sites; it should go after the linking sites.

Daniel Raimer, RapidShare’s Chief Legal Officer, is leading the file-sharing site’s campaign to defend the interest of such services and convince the authorities to go after the linking sites. The legal counsel has described, in a letter to the White House, the philosophy behind file-sharing sites, how they are important for innovations in cloud computing, and why they are not responsible for the pirated files shared through their service. Rapidshare also urged that the IPEC should involve cloud services like Rapidshare in the ongoing joint efforts by different industries and stakeholders.

Quelle: Scribd, TPI

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