Mozilla To Start Blocking Mixed Content Websites In Firefox

A number of websites offer mixed content, which is somewhat of a security risk for most browsers. To mitigate this risk, Mozilla has now decided to have mixed content blocked on websites. This change will first be implemented in Firefox 23 Aurora.


Mixed content websites are such sites which usually display HTTPS content but also load some of their content from HTTP sources. So the latter content is not secure and leaves a user vulnerable to a whole range of security risks.

Usually, secure websites run insecure scripts from HTTP sources to offer greater functionality to the users. But this is being done at the cost of security. The new feature that Mozilla is offering in Firefox 23 Aurora will essentially provide the users with a choice to block or unblock mixed content.

Users can block mixed content on per-site basis or set the default settings so that mixed content across all websites is blocked. When need be, the users can then unblock such content on any given website.

The Aurora version is the pre-beta version for the mainstream desktop version of Firefox. So we can expect the changes to be included in the next, actual version of Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Moreover, the next version will also arrive with a number of new developer tools such as network monitor, Variables View etc. These tools will help the developer discern the browser’s functionality as well as the performance of different websites on the browser.

Courtesy: CNET

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