Mit Augmented Reality verwandelte Tattoos in 3D-Kunst

Kunst und Künstler nutzen zunehmend Technologie, um neue Grenzen der Kreativität zu überschreiten. Dies zeigte sich kürzlich in einer Ausstellung, in der mithilfe von Technologie Tätowierungen in lebendige 3D-Kunst verwandelt wurden.

Shifting skin

The exhibit was displayed at Deakin University Art Gallery in Australia. If you simply walked into the exhibit, you would see images of tattoos hanging from the walls and find it quite boring.

However, the real groove was in the accompanying technology. Visual artist Alison Bennett made use of a special program called Aurasma. The program was shown to work on an iPad and could turn tattoos into live, 3D art.

All you need to do to use the program is hold up the iPad in front of the image of a tattoo and let the program record its patterns. Once it has identified all the patterns, it adds AR overlays to the image and turns it into 3D art. This is certainly a very cool application of technology and modern gadgetry in finding newer ways of art.

The field of augmented reality, in itself, holds a lot of potential for the artists. It can be used to tweak the conventional confines of art and find ways in which the colors of creativity can be displayed in a remarkably fresh way.

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