Canadian Company Hyperstealth Claims To Have Created Real Invisibility Cloak

The talk of invisibility cloak is nothing new. Although the notion got popularized when it was used by Harry Potter, scientists have been working on one for quite some time. Now, a Canadian company claims that it has created a fully functional invisibility cloak which can render the wearer invisible.

Quantum Stealth

The scientific theory upon which the idea of invisibility clock is based is – if light could be bent around an object, an observer would not be able to observe that object. And thus, the object would become invisible to that observer.

The Canadian company, Hyperstealth, says that it has been able to accomplish precisely that. According to the company, it has been able to make an object “completely invisible by bending light waves around the target.”

Hyperstealth is not new to the business of developing stealth gear. For nearly a decade now, it has been working on the development of different kinds of camouflage equipment including specialized uniforms. All this stealth gear eventually gets to be used by U.S. military.

The new invisibility cloak, being dubbed Quantum Stealth, is also expected to land in the hands of U.S. military sooner or later. To show off exactly how the cloak may work, Hyperstealth has released mock-up photos. But it refuses to reveal the actual working of Quantum Stealth for “security reasons.”

As ludicrous as the idea of an invisibility cloak may seem, it is possible in theory. Whether or not Hyperstealth has been able to achieve it in practice remains to be seen. Until then, we will take the company’s tall claims with a pinch of salt.

Courtesy: Extreme Tech

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