Corning Gorilla Glass To Help Make Greener And Quieter Cars

The strong and lightweight glass that is used to make smartphone displays durable could soon help make cars more fuel efficient and quieter. Yes, I’m talking about Corning Gorilla Glass.


Corning’s Gorilla Glass is used in 1.5 billion mobile devices. Now, it is touted to be used in cars. The result would be lighter and quiter cars with more fuel efficiency.

According to Corning senior vice president Jeffrey Evenson, use of Gorilla Glass instead of current tempered glass in cars would reduce a vehicle’s weight, boosting its fuel economy. The fuel economy could increase by “up to a few percentage points depending on how much of the glass is used.” The cars using Gorilla Glass will also be quieter.

Evenson hopes that at least one high-end automaker will adopt Corning Gorilla Glass from next year.

The revelation came at MIT Technology Review’s Mobile Summit in San Francisco yesterday. Evenson also talked about Corning’s antimicrobial glass and flexible “Willow Glass”.

Thanks to: MIT Technology Review

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