Nebula 12: An Innovative Lamp That Can Visualize Weather On Walls

Many people after waking up in the morning take their mobile phone to know the weather condition. But very soon those people won’t be needed any mobile phone to know the weather condition because Zürich-based design firm Micasa LAB has created a conceptual lamp called Nebula 12 that will be able to recreate current weather conditions on the walls of the room.

Nebula 12

According to the concept, Nebula 12 will work only with Nokia Lumia 920. Nebula 12 will collect its weather data from Nokia Lumia 920 through W-Fi. Then the lamp will recreate “cloud” along with yellow (if the weather is sunny) or red (if the weather is gloomy) light using liquid nitrogen and hot water. See the image gallery below.

Nebula 12 (1)
Nebula 12 (2)
Nebula 12 (3)
Nebula 12 (4)
Nebula 12 (5)

Don’t worry if it’s really pouring outside, because the lamp will not bring rain into your home. Here is a demo video for you.

Here is the statement what the company said about Nebula 12 :

The Nebula 12 is a concept developed by Micasa LAB, Zürich. Using meterological data from MetOff, the Nebula forms to represent outside weather: wake up to a flooding yellow light on a sunny day, or below a real cloud on that overcast winter morning. The cloud involves some peculiar techniques, liquid nitrogen, WiFi, and high power vacuum suction.

In the standard mode, Nebula 12 predicts the weather for the next 48 hours. A threatening low-pressure area is announced by a red cloud, and sunshine is shown in yellow. At the same time, the user can adjust the settings and define the source of information themselves. And the best is: regardless of how dark the cloud is, Nebula 12 never brings rain. At least, not within one’s own four walls.

The light but stable creation can be used in many ways: Nebula 12 can, like a natural cloud, change in colour and brightness and thus can be used as a variable source of light for romantic evening meals, when doing homework, when reading or just chatting.

The cloud is easily connected by WIFI to your Nokia Lumia 920.

Source : Micasa LAB
Thanks To : Dezeen

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