Scientists Call On The US Government To Cancel Plans For Plutonium Plant

US has vowed, as part of its national policy, that it will cut down its nuclear arsenal in the coming years. This, a group of scientists say, is in contradiction with the plans of the Obama regime to build a huge plutonium plant. These scientists have called on the US government to cancel plans for such a facility.

CMRR facility

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) is a group that works towards on science advocacy and is fundamentally opposed to the creation of any nuclear arsenal. Currently, the US government is trying to have a multi-billion dollar Plutonium research facility built. The facility will be called Chemistry and Metallurgy Replacement (CMRR) plant and White House insists that it is meant to handle fissile-material of the existing nuclear warheads.

But independent watchdogs cite that given the current stock of the US nuclear arsenal, the country needs only 50 cores yearly to preserve the fissile-material without any hassles. Los Alamos already has a facility which has the production capabilities to fulfill this demand.

The proposed CMRR facility, on the other hand, is designed so that it will be able to create 50 to 80 cores on a yearly basis. This, the Union of Concerned Scientists as well as other researchers say, essentially shows that the US government is not sincere in its efforts of ceasing the development of nuclear arsenal.

According to Lisbeth Gronlund of UCS, “The latest plan to produce a new suite of warheads to replace the current arsenal is inconsistent with Obama’s pledge to not produce new warheads and flies in the face of his commitment to further reduce the role of nuclear weapons in U.S policy.”

Courtesy: National Journal

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