RoboDynamics Luna Personal Robot

Human-sized with soft curves and silky skin, Luna the robot runs on Linux and even has her very own app store and with a touchscreen and cameras and microphones, she can react and respond, and take commands over Wi-Fi if needed.RoboDynamics Luna is 5-foot tall personal robotic platform and ships with a number of personality packs and features an 8-inch touchscreen, two cameras, wireless connectivity, a three-mic array and a variety of sensors………….


RoboDynamics announced the introduction of Luna, world’s first personal robot designed for mainstream consumer adoption. Dubbed “the iPad of robots” by technology journalists, Luna is the first robot to feature a native App Store, standard PC architecture, an open Linux based operating system, touchscreen display, WiFi and multiple tactically located standard USB based expansion ports for infinite expandability.”Luna is a radical rethinking of personal robots and we believe a beautifully designed, human sized, open, and affordable personal robot will spark a flurry of innovations similar to what we’ve already seen in parallel industries such as PCs and Mobiles” said Fred Nikgohar, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of RoboDynamics. “For the price of a laptop we’ve made available for the first time a human-sized robot with incredibly elegant design, infinite expandability, and a native App Store. Our objective is to aggressively remove cost and complexity thereby facilitating widespread consumer adoption while simultaneously providing a unique ground floor opportunity for the developer community to bring innovative ideas to a financially viable robotics ecosystem.”One thousand limited edition Luna personal robots will begin shipping in 4th Quarter 2011 on a first come first serve basis with corresponding serial numbers for $3,000. General availability of Luna will begin in the second half of 2012 and pricing will be announced later this year.The first 25 of the limited edition Luna personal robots will be auctioned off in the coming weeks and proceeds will benefit the RoboDynamics Educational Outreach Program where we will give away Luna robots to qualified students and university researchers.To participate in the auction for the first 25 Luna personal robots or to get notified when the remaining units are available for pre-order, please visit the RoboDynamics website at


Hardware and Software Specs:

  • Computer:
    • Processor: Dual Core Atom 2 GHz
    • Graphics: nVidia 94000M
    • Storage capacity: 8 GB Flash, expandable to 32 GB
    • Wireless: Wi-Fi (802.11g), optional Bluetooth via Luna Expansion Port (LXP)
    • Cellular comm.: Optional 3G or 4G via Luna Expansion Port (LXP)
    • Operating system: LunaOS (includes Poky Linux, ROS, and other packages)
  • I/O:
    • Display: 8-inch touchscreen capacitive LCD
    • Camera: 8-megapixel primary camera with digital zoom
    • Microphone: 3 microphone array with DSP front-end with sound localization
    • Speakers: Yes (no specs available yet)
    • Sensors: 10-bit wheel encoders, PrimeSense 3D Sensor
    • Expansion ports: Luna Expansion Ports (LXP) x 7 [Each LXP comprises standard USB Female Type A and 12 volt and 5 volt regulated power with mounting holes
  • Power:
    • Battery: 12 volt, 26 amp-hour – SLA
    • Battery life: Between 4-8 hours
    • Charge time: 4-8 hours for full charge
  • Dimensions
    • Size: Height: 5’2″ (157 cm) – Base: 22″ (56 cm)
    • Weight: 65 lbs (30 Kg)


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