Star Wars Fans Join To Build A Full-size Millennium Falcon Spacecraft

In the fictional film Star Wars, the design and functions of Millennium Falcon spacecraft attracted all fans. Around six years ago, Star Wars fan Chris Lee started a project to create that Millennium Falcon spacecraft in real life. Now fans around the world are coming together on the internet to construct a real-life version of the film’s Millennium Falcon spacecraft.


Around six years ago, Chris Lee decided to build a 1:1 full-scale replica of the Millennium Falcon. The aim of Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project is to use the internet to crowd-source efforts to build the famous ship, which will be adorned with all the trimmings aside from a working engine. Lee flashed this information on back on 1 February 2007. Lee wrote, “I am planning on building the ultimate Star Wars model: a 1:1 scale Millennium Falcon with complete, correctly scaled interior.”

Project founder Chris Lee purchased an 88-acre (35-hectare) plot of land in Tennessee on which the ship will sit. On the other side, Star Wars fan friends started to appreciate Lee’s idea and began to come forward to help him. Still now Star Wars fan friends are joining Lee’s project. Some of these fans have now become actual team members of his project.

College student Stinson Lenz erected the console of the Lee’s dreamed craft as well as one of its two laser guns. Other members are helping to source parts, blueprints (Dorling Kindersley’s blueprints book was invaluable) etc.

Lee said, “Construction methods to include a welded steel frame with marine plywood exterior skin that is weather-sealed, and a heated/cooled interior space with all the amenities that a smuggler’s ship would have.” Lee also mentioned that he was “building a 4-foot x 8-foot CNC router table and a 2-foot x 4-foot heavy duty vacuum-form machine” for his Millennium Falcon spacecraft. Here’s a video for you from BBC.

So far, Star Wars fans along with Lee, already have created many parts of real life full-size Millennium Falcon spacecraft. To see that visit Full Scale Falcon.

Source : Full Scale Falcon
Thanks To : BBC, Pocket-lint

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