Tata Announced World’s Cheapest Flatpack House. It’s Just $700!

After making the world’s cheapest car, Nano, Tata is set to claim the title for the maker of the cheapest homes. The Indian enterprise has announced a $700 ready-to-build home kit. The design is dubbed Nano House.

Tata house

The initial design of the Nano House is of 20 square meter. This flatpack dwelling will come with pre-fabricated materials made from coconut or jute cladding. The materials will include doors and windows besides the walls and roofs. The house is expected to last for 20 years.

A larger version of the design, with 30 square meter footprint, is also in development by Tata. This version will include extras like a front verandah and a solar energy system.

Sumitesh Das, head of the house project, said in an announcement, “We have already prepared two to three different designs based on discussions with users and are gathering more feedback. Hopefully, in the next six to eight months we should be able to roll it out in the market nationally.”

Tata expects to sell the Nano House in rural areas. Large volume sale to local councils is also being pushed.

Thanks to: Caradvice

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