TheTechJournal Redefined : Version 3.0 Released

I will take the pleasure to announce version 3.0 of TheTechJournal. After years of brainstorming session and months of extensive programming we have released version 3.0 of this site today. This update features complete redefined look, with exclusive brand new feature like Products, Products Comparison, Product Buy Feature and also improves and updates features like Topic Following, Bookmark Feature, ReadList Option, Personalized Profile and easy Social Login via Facebook and Twitter. Here I will explain those features in details and how those could help anyone from being Up-to-date about recent tech scene to taking best gadgets buying decision.

TheTechJournal V3.0

One main feature of this update is our layout updated to 1250 px width. It enables us to get more usable space. As recent statistics shows average user now have minimum 1366 px width. So this comes as a logical choice. Here I will explain Features in details.


I would like to announce Products separately and once again. Yes, I am that excited. Its a complete new thing. It updates TheTechJournal from a “Tech News Blog” to “Tech Portal”. Its a new beginning. Here you find everything you need to know about all your favourite products. We beginning with Laptop, Mobile, Tablet & All-in-One PC. And all others products coming soon. Most major brands are already included.



# Products home page features all latest products in categorized order. Latest addition comes first.
# Each product has a brief description.
# Detail product specification, this specs portion is very important, we designed it this way that it could give a complete idea and any information you might be looking in a device. After a long research we finalized the Specs feature set.
# Discussion: You could discuss about any individual product, the discussion button is located on top product menu bar.
# You could rate products too (more organized version will come soon)
# Multiple Buy Link (features best offer links from all major merchants). Its hand picked, not some just auto generated affiliated link.
# Related products.
# Editors pick for related products.
# Individual Product page also features all related news.
# Pricing from multiple merchant in real time will be released soon.

Products Comparison:

This is the feature I am loving most. It lets you compare 2 or more same type of products with an edge, side bar side just with a click. Check this real example to understand it better.
Compare iPhone 5 Vs. Nokia Lumia 920 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S 3 .


# You could compare whatever you want(must be same type product, I mean what’s the points to compare iMac with iPhone?)
# You could share your comparison with your friends too, this comparison link is dynamic but permanent at the same type.
# Anybody could compare, you don’t have to logged in, though registering and logging is just clicking a button.
# Add to compare button updates with Ajax and work smoothly with cookie, yes you have to have cookie enabled(98% possibility you have this on)

New Updated User Section:

This is not new but we just bringing it front. We released this few months back, and was working on several features, this time its complete. Check your profile page here – To understand more about User Section you have to logged in from the top navigation bar.


# Easy Social Registration: Smooth and super easy Facebook and Twitter login. It takes less than 30-sec and takes very limited authorization. We value users privacy very carefully. Read Privacy Policy.
# Follow topic. Its a social feature, developing with time. You could follow only the topic you love. Suppose are Apple Fan or just love to read about new Robots. Just like the topic you want and your own profile page will have all those news organized.
# Add to Bookmark. Now you could add any post to your own bookmark, and you will always find that post in your own profile’s bookmark section. It will help you to bookmark important posts that always comes handy. Like a good tutorial page, that helped you but you might need it future too. And bookmark in browser is already a mess(I know!), so we have got you covered. Love TTJ? We have got more reason to keep you coming back here. All you bookmark will be saved in your profile.
# Add to Readlist: Its for busy user, or for say you have important work now or you need to answer emails first. But find some interesting article here, but don’t have time to read now. No problem, we have got you covered too. Add it to ReadList. you will have in your profile, you could read it later and remove the article after you complete reading it. Almost like read it Later.

Long Way To Go

I would like to thank my whole team at ARCom. I would like to thank specially Tarek(Jahidul Islam) my programming lead and the man who is behind all the coding. I also like to thank Manoj (Manoj Pravakar Saha) for giving my vision a shape, he is the man who made all Layout plan, Strategy and helped me think outside the border. He also makes us all confused, all the time and maybe its the cause we got a Redefined Version. Shourov & Forhad helped making this product section reality. Special thanks to Piash for always being beside us. I also would like to thank Salman, Boris, Anatol, Ryan from Writer team and Afzal from our Marketing team.

This whole development period was an extensive time for the developing team. Thanks for bearing this with me. TheTechJournal is a long journey. We have a long way to go. So this is just a better, Redefined beginning.

What do you think about out this update? You could rates features you like from the top poll box(just below title of this page). Comment section just below. Or use Contact us form or email directly at

M Asif Rahman

M Asif Rahman is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of TheTechJournal. He describes himself as WordPress Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Workaholic and Loving Man. He loves to read and passionate about creativity. He has his own blog. You could follow him on Twitter or Google+.

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  1. RyanStOnge

    Your welcome. I thoroughly enjoy writing for TTJ. Hope this theme continues to mount success for the site.

  2. Anatol Rahman

    Much better than previous version. Really liked it. Just hoping, TTJ version 3.0 will Rock The Party!!! I believe, this new version will inspire all the TTJ writers to write in much better way in order to maintain the current standard and indulge more viewers stick with us all the time.

  3. Boris Zegarac

    I’m glad to be a part of TTJ team. A new design looks great and I think visitors gone love it, especially those with larger screens.

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