[Video] IBM Reveals Technologies For The Future

The old emperor of the computer industry has detached itself from the consumer market a decade ago. Instead, it started focusing on developing solutions that could shape tomorrows world. A new video aired on BBC last week has shown what IBM has under its sleeves. It’s fascinating how the computer industry giant subsided itself from the price-cutting competition of the consumer market, and developed some of the most intriguing technologies for the future.

IBM_logo, Image credit: wikimedia.org

The solutions depicted in the video encompasses different fields – from computers to medical technologies. IBM has shown a water-based cooling technology for computers that can shed the energy consumption of power-hungry air-cooling systems. It also developed a portable testing device that can analyse blood samples for illnesses. IBM has also shown its take on online security already in operation. These are not all. IBM has also taken the grand challenge of developing electric cars that can run 500 kilometers at a single charge. The technologies on display are just a few of IBM’s efforts. You might wonder what else are hidden under.

Source : BBC

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