1 Million Apple TVs Sold Within 90 Days

Apple announced last week that it will sell 1 Million Apple TV 2G’s before Christmas and now Apple confirmed 1 million Apple TVs have been sold in three months since it’s been released.Apple sold 1 Million within 90 days, that means, it has sold around 11,000 Apple TV 2G every day. Which is certainly impressive for something Apple still describes as a “hobby”.

Last Tuesday Apple said it expected sales of its next generation Apple TV to top one million units before Christmas. Today the company confirmed to me that they did just that. Seems the addition of AirPlay support for wireless streaming, better iOS integration and the device’s aggressive new $99 price point have done quite a bit to spike sales of Apple’s so-called “hobby.” A million units sold within three months of the device’s launch is certainly impressive.

Much of the surge is credited mostly to the major price drop to $99 but also customers drawn to built-in Netflix support and the long-term promise of network sharing features such as AirPlay.

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