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Kinect For Xbox One Won’t Work With PCs

When Microsoft released the original Kinect for Xbox 360, hackers were able to tweak it and plug it into their PCs before soon. However, such liberties won't be possible with the next-generation Kinect that will arrive with Xbox One, says Microsoft.

Next-Gen Xbox Won’t Work Without Internet Connection

Xbox 360 users have been fervently waiting for Microsoft to release a successor to its current-generation game console. It is expected that the software giant will release the next-generation Xbox, branded as Xbox 720, during the later part of this year. An inside source now claims that the upcoming Xbox won't work without an internet connection.

Video Game Disc And Console Sales Drop By 22% In 2012

The gaming industry has undergone a rather radical change in recent years. Mobile gaming and social gaming has gained major portion of the market whereas the sales of regular consoles and standard video game discs have declined. In 2012 alone, the sales of video game discs and consoles fell by 22%.
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