Android 4.2.2 Spotted On Nexus Smartphones And Tablets

We have been hearing that an Android 4.2.2 update is due to arrive this month. Recent rounds of rumors had pegged the expected date of release somewhere in February, 2013. Now, multiple reports cite that the update is starting to arrive on a number of Nexus devices.

Android 4.2.2 update

Typically, Nexus devices are the first to get their hands on Android updates, so we wouldn’t be surprised if they are the first to get Android 4.2.2 update. The earliest reports about the update suggest that it has arrived on GSM Galaxy Nexus as well as Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets.

Google had promised that the update would ship with fixes for many problems found in Android 4.2. However, the users who have found the update on their devices so far report that the update mentions only ‘performance and ability’ changes and little else.

We do fervently hope that most of the fixes that Google had promised will be included in the ‘performance’ part. However, there has been no official word from Google regarding the release of the update. We expect the announcement would be here soon and that the company would provide a more detailed and accurate explanation as to what the update packs for Android users.

Source: Android Police

Courtesy: Engadget

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