Android Malware Forwards All Incoming Messages

Android is an open-source platform, which means that although it’s great for developers, it also comes with certain security risks. Every other day, a new Android malware is found which puts millions of users at risk. Now, a new Android malware has been discovered which can forward all incoming messages to a potential hacker.

Android malware

The malware that accomplishes this clever trick is dubbed Android.Pincer.2.origin. It is usually pushed towards the users as a security certificate. Users are prompted to install it on their devices to mitigate security risks. Once users install it, the malware connects to the hacker’s server.

As soon as it is connected to the server, it is able to intercept all incoming messages and then forward them to the hacker. Not only that, it can also relay other significant information such as IMEI and phone number, model and serial details to the hacker.

The key security risks that this malware poses is that when intercepting messages, it can easily intercept a user’s pin code for two-step verification on different platforms. Once the hacker has the code for two-step authentication, he stands a real chance of breaking into your corresponding account.

Moreover, if you exchange any messages with your work contacts and share any financial details, the hacker may be able to intercept the details and put them to nefarious uses. The only way to avoid the malware is to be wary of any fake security certificates that may pop up on your Android device.

Courtesy: The Hacker News

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