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How To Easily Get iMessage On Your Android Phone

Apple does not discourage anyone who can come up with their own solutions to bring iMessage to Android users. In fact, there is an App for Android that is in full compliance with Apple's Terms of Policies and still manages to provide the iMessage function to Android users.

How To Check Screen Time On Android

Very often we end up spending excessive time on our smartphones, which ultimately reduces our efficiency and productivity. In such a case we are better off at least checking how much time we are spending on our Smartphones.

How To Scan QR Codes With Any Smartphone [Android + Apple]

In recent times businesses have started using QR Codes for many different purposes. QR Code is being used to host Product Information, Client Reviews or Campaign details. All an individual needs to do is scan the QR code for unveiling the hidden information. Luckily, both iOS and Android devices are capable of reading QR Codes.

Top 10 Best Educational Apps For Young, Adults And Kids

Apps make difficult topics such as Algebra easier for Kids by using various colorful imagery, animation and whatnot. Also, Apps breakdown topics so that kids can absorb the knowledge quicker and in a fun way. Several Apps give out rewards to users after they complete certain levels, this acts as a great motivation for Kids.