Ex-Nokia Employees Plan To Create Android OS Smartphone Newkia

For long, many have speculated that the combination of Nokia’s hardware and Google’s open-source Android would be excellent. While that could never happen with Nokia itself, now a group of ex-Nokia employees have undertaken the task to create an Android handset. The initiative is called ‘Newkia.’


Newkia is the work of former CEO of Nokia Asia Pacific, Thomas Zilliacus. The chief aim of the new company, which comprises of many other ex-Nokia employees, is to create better Android handsets. According to Zilliacus, he originally wanted to acquire Nokia but couldn’t muster the required sum in time.

Now, however, he aims to raise funds for Newkia on his own, believing that there’s a huge potential for Nokia handsets running Android. Zilliacus is confident that he will be able to raise the required amount of funds. Although Newkia has come into being only now, Zilliacus says he aims to make it functional and productive by 2014.

In other words, he thinks that Newkia will be able to churn out a smartphone of its own by 2014. While that sounds very ambitious, one hopes he is able to materialize his dream as there is, indeed, a potential market for Nokia handsets running Android. In the case of Windows Phone, Nokia has furnished an excellent hardware but the platform hasn’t mustered much success.

If the same top-end hardware could be used in conjunction with Android’s excellent functionality, Newkia may be able to create a handset that many have been waiting for. With Nokia being essentially acquired by Microsoft, we can’t hope that it would ever create an Android handset now.

Courtesy: Redmond Pie

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