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Cloud-based storage and sharing application launches Android app for online storage access… is an online file storage, sharing, and collaboration site. you can upload documents from any computer, view some documents and media files online, and share download links with others.The company also offers an iOS app for accessing your documents on the go using an iPhone or iPad. Now has launched a free Android app, and a BlackBerry version is on the way as well.

The Android app supports Android 2.0 and up and is designed to let you access files stored on, upload new files, and share links from your phone. The app doesn’t include its own media viewers, instead relying on your phone’s default apps.When you tried to open an image, it downloaded the image preview and tried to open it in the Gallery App, which resulted in a Force Close error. Repeatedly. I couldn’t get a single JPG or GIF image to open properly.

Similar to Box’s other mobile offerings, the Android app makes it easy for users to access, share and manage their business content on-the-go. You can browse through files and folders; preview files, including documents, media files and Web documents; share Box links to files and folders via email; and upload files stored on your Android device.

According to Forrester research, 10% of enterprises are expected to manage or support Android OS smartphones by the end of 2010. In addition to releasing a customized Box app for Android, the company is also working with third-party developers to leverage its OpenBox Mobile platform and incorporate Box’s content sharing, accessing and storage capabilities into other Android business applications.

The Android app is still pretty rough around the edges,but if you are  a user it will available on any platform.

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