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Orphionics, LLC announce of Chroniclr, their innovative time-stitching app for iPhone, iPod touch and Android that provides users with a new and exciting way to capture, share, and remember their life’s precious moments and helps to manage and organize their life, group or their business into a synchronized Timeline. With the help of this app you can create new memories and share them with the people in your life. Just take a photo, add a title and optional description, and add it to your Timeline as a memory. You can keep track of the details like date, time, privacy and location, create a reminder, invite others, and stitch your moments together on a synchronized timeline. You can be at school, at work, at home, even worlds apart – but still capture and share your moments on the go, from anywhere and at anytime.

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This is a little sized 9.8 MB game so can run in any iOS and Android devices. I have tested this game in my iPhone 3GS and it runs great. Very interesting app for a new and exciting way to capture, share, and remember their life’s precious moments also helps to manage and organize our complected life. As this app is totally free from itunes to download so you must try this app.

The CHRONICLR Timeline app is ahead of its time! Events captured with this app can be integrated with the upcoming FACEBOOK Timeline with one click where it will retain all the rich details like event name, location, date & time and conversations that make your memories so much richer.

While the Social Networking Leader Facebook is unveiling its new “Timeline” profile to organize the chronology of personal activity, Chroniclr is ready to invite mobile users to create a rich narrative of their entire life in images and conversations as well as share their experiences with the world.

Chroniclr is all about choice and diversity, privacy and personalization. It brings all the social, personal and professional obligations in a streamlined fashion under one Timeline where users will able to switch between aspects of their life, easily slide through it and re-live the moments over and over. Focusing on the important events in people’s lives, Chroniclr enables them to see vital information about their past life, keep track of the achievements and include the people who influenced them at various stages.

With the possibility to add photos, the Chroniclr turns events into rich multimedia storylines, where users can keep track of their location, date, time and privacy, create a reminder and invite others. The social timeline allows users to track their friends’ activities, share and talk about their moments in real time. Stitching the moments together on a synchronized Timeline, Chroniclr records people’s life cycle in a scrolling visual history, captures their moments on the go wherever and whenever they are as well as integrates them with Facebook Timeline with one click.

CHRONICLR allows you to:
1.Create public events or set up private gatherings
2.Easily upload content from your phone
3.Automatically add date, time & location to events & photos
4.Assign categories to your events
5.Send private or group messages
6.Set up business meetings online with real-time coordination and document sharing
7.Easily upload your events to Facebook Timeline and share through SMS or email
8.Privately share the moments with anyone (CHRONICLR syncs it with their Timelines)

-Synchronized scrolling Timelines
-Real-time group messaging (IM) – Share and talk about your moments and events with the people in your life
-Real-time group photo sharing
-Google map/address integration and automatic location detection
-Moments are private by default

Who can use CHRONICLR?
1. Students: Remember your friends, parties, school events, dates, teachers
2. Families: Remember the holidays, get-togethers, pets, funny moments
3. Schools: Create a school history, timeline of school events, or digital yearbook
4. Groups: Create public events, promote local activities, and get people connected
5. Companies: Connect your employees, chat about events, show your company history

Chronicle your day-to-day experiences and stitch beautiful memories through Synchronized Timeline – a scrolling visual history of your entire life.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later. Or Any Android 1.6 and up devices. This game is totally free to download from iTunes.

Current Version: 1.1
Size: 9.8 MB

About Orphionics, LLC
Located in San Clemente, California, Orphionics, LLC is founded and funded by a group of idealists who want to bring simplicity in communication. The company’s mission is to re-invent the way events are created, shared and organized, and memories are captured to create a richer experience for everyone.
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