Control Your Android Smartphone Or Tablet With AirDroid

Surprise, surprise! Developer Sand Studio has reportedly released a new Android app that will more likely change the way users interact with their devices – tablet or smartphone. The newcomer is called AirDroid and what it basically does is allowing connections between an Android device via an Internet browser and a Wi-Fi network connection. Yeah sure, they are other options on the Android Market, but this particular app is easy to set up, easy to use and features an environment that somehow mimics Windows. Even better, you don’t have to pay a dime as the app is yours for free.

Basically, AirDroid turns smartphones into a local version of a web/cloud operating systems that were so popular a few years back. All users have to do to get things rolling is connect to the home WiFi network and log in from a local PC browser. When connected, they will view on their display all the app’s supported features, as a separate tab. What happens next? Well you can access your phone files, install, back up your apps, take a look at the contact list, call logs and SMS messeges.

As long as you’re logged into a session, you can specify a custom password from within the mobile client and enable the app’s service on boot. The ability of the AirDroid to connect to your smartphone via web browser is truly remarkable. Once you log in, with the above mentioned password, AirDroid’s web desktop interface pops up within your browser. There’s also an icon/shortcut and built in Android Market bar that allows you to go shopping whenever you feel like it. On the right side of the browser, you can see the device’s model, storage consumption as well as an extra button that will tell you all about files, apps and contacts stored on the device.

A minus with AirDroid is that it does not support Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, however this might not be a problem in the near future. Even if there are a lot of apps that allow users to control their smartphones from their desktops, AirDroid has something unique and extra to offer.
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