Cydia Developer Uses Impactor To Fix Android Master Key Vulnerability

Saurik is a well-known developer who is primarily known for his association with Cydia for iOS devices. He is considered among the best of iOS hackers. This time, he has taken a shot at Android by exploiting the Master Key vulnerability and then devising a fix for it.

Cydia impactor

The Master Key vulnerability in Android devices has existed for quite a while. Although Google has dished out updates and fixes to remove the exploit in more recent Android devices, there are a bulk load of relatively earlier Android devices which are still infected.

Until now, the exploit has been considered rather insignificant and although most Android users are aware of it, not many seem bothered with it. However, Saurik has now demonstrated how the vulnerability can be exploited and used for many different nefarious purposes.

In his method, Saurik provides detailed steps following which, you can easily get access to an Android device infected with the Master Key vulnerability. The method is quite similar to the iOS jailbreak in that you have to connect your handset with a PC or Mac to gain access.

Saurik also provides an excellent fix for the vulnerability which effectively lets you secure your Android device from it. You can read the detailed post from Saurik here. In case you own an Android device which hasn’t been patched yet, you really should follow the guidelines provided in the post and fix it.

Source: Saurik

Courtesy: 9to5google

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