You are currently viewing Download Android 4.4 KitKat Stock Apps And Nexus 5 Wallpapers [Direct Link]

Download Android 4.4 KitKat Stock Apps And Nexus 5 Wallpapers [Direct Link]

Google’s Nexus 5 is now available for purchase and its specs are exactly the same as rumors suggested. The Nexus 5 features Android 4.4 KitKat that comes with a number of new apps. Some people involved in the Android community have already released some of the new apps and features on existing hardware that may not be supported with the Android 4.4 rollout in the coming weeks.


We have got some new features that you are absolutely going to love. The features are: ‘Google Experience’ home launcher, the brand new stock email app, the brand new clock app, the new Google Calendar app, Hangouts v2.0, the new Camera and Gallery app and the keyboard app with emojis. And most exciting thing is you can download all of these Android 4.4 KitKat stock apps packaged in a zip folder from here.

The LG-manufactured Nexus 5 comes with a 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a 1080p 4.95-inch display running Android 4.4 KitKat. The stock of Nexus 5 is very limited. If you’ve already ordered and now are waiting for delivery of your Nexus 5, then for now you can try the official Nexus 5 wallpapers from Android 4.4 KitKat right now from here.

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