[Trending App] Face Truth – Find More About Yourself

Face Truth makes it EASY to find out MORE about you. Whether you want to check how you would look like at 60 or are curious about your mysterious ethnicity, Face Truth is undoubtedly a fun app.

When I’m Good

Everyone has this weird fantasy to see how they would look when they are older. There is nothing wrong with it actually. It’s rather funny. You can share a great laugh with you and your friends. Also, don’t deny you will be thrilled to learn your friend would look uglier than you when you grow older.

Face Truth App has a separate option to project your future self. Just tap on the option labeled “Meet Your Future Self“. When the new window appears to place your face inside the face cutout and take a picture. After that, the app will get to work and generate your future-self for you.

Beauty Contest

Are you and your friend always fighting over who is prettier? Or maybe you and your friend like the same person. So, how do you plan to make a verdict on who gets to date that guy? Why not use the Beauty Contest option and see who has prettier facial features. The one with the highest points will get to date that person.

Ethnicity Analysis

Have you always wondered about who your predecessors were? You can definitely try to draw a Family Tree. But that would require some expert’s help. So, is there any other way to identify your ethnicity?

Tap the Ethnicity Analysis option and simply take a picture of yourself. Face Truth will scan your facial features and generate a report on your ethnicity. This App will actually divide your ethnicity into 100 and place different percentages of it on different ethnicity background.

How your Baby will look

Of course, you will need two people to use this option. Which makes it very fun for couples. Have you been having a bitter fight for the last couple of weeks with your partner? Face Truth might just be the solution to the conflicts in your relationship. Both the couples will have to take a picture of themselves and after that, the App will generate a report on how their baby would look like.

Wrapping Up!

Don’t be upset if you are the last one among your friends to learn about this App. Honestly, there are a lot of people who haven’t yet tried the App. So, what are you waiting for? Get the App and have a blast.

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