Find Your Parked Vehicle Quickly Thanks To Google Now

If you park a vehicle in a huge parking space, it is often a nightmare to find the car again on the way back. Google Now aims to resolve this problem with a new feature which lets you keep track of the parked car.

Car parking

The new Google Now feature comes courtesy of an update to the Android Search app. It essentially creates a parking card and lists down the exact address where you parked your car. Along with the address, you are also presented with a map snippet to further accurately pinpoint the position of the car.

The parking-tracking is included in version 3.4 of the Android Search app. The card also tells you how far you are from your parked vehicle at a given time. And while Google may make a mistake occasionally in determining the location of your vehicle, the app presents you with other likely locations to check out in the case of such an error.

Google Now Parking Card

The Parking Card is the most notable feature of this new version. But the update has also brought a renewed interface for the Reminders. With this new interface, it is easier to look through your past Reminders and search through them instantly. Moreover, you can now view a centralized and comprehensive list for nicknames under the ‘Accounts & Privacy’ option.

You can download the updated version from the Play Store. If it isn’t already available on your device, it will soon be on its way. But if you’re not much for waiting, head over to Android Police and lay your hands on it right away.

Source: Google Play

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