Hyper Jump: Android Game Review

Hyper Jump is a fantastic game for android device. Hyper Jump is a very developed and graphically beautiful applications making their way to the Market. This game is developed by Camel Games and took 3.27MB on your device.

After starting you will find the main character Mario. Mario-like coins. Each coin you touch you can goes up a little further and that make you adds a point to your grand total, You can not touch the same one twice as once you touch a coin it will collect you point and it disappears. If you miss a coin and there are no coins below it, you will fall and the game is over.

There are three different types of coins in the game, only two of which you can collect. The red coins pan from left to right, making it more difficult to hit them in succession and judge where they will be on your way up or down. The gold coins are plain and stationary, and add one point to your overall score. The coins with the cut-out star are the ones that cannot be collected. During game play they look similar to the basic gold coins, but they will move away from you, slightly throwing you off until you get used to them.

So if you don’t try will will never know how super addictive time killer with funny characters and fantastic multi-layered backdrops it is. So go to your android market and install this fantastic Apps (Hyper Jump Lite) now. You must enjoy it.
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