Instagram App for Android is Now Available!

Instagram, has been very popular among iPhone users. The app allows to take photos, share them with friends and people you care about, but most importantly gives users the option of altering them using special effects. The application already has over 50 million users and will soon be on the rise. Recent news, has it, that Instagram is finally coming to Android too.

Kevin Systrom, CEO of Istagram was reported saying at LeWeb in Paris that company has two people focusing on the Android project as he spoke and that he was excited to see their numbers today nearly double. Then he went on to say that he thinks that the advertising experience is going to be an incredibly engaging one, as Instagram offers photos and brand names such as Audi, Kate Spade and Burberry. That makes sense, since when Instagram does finally make it to Android, it will certainly be accompanied by ads or different way to keep the service in check.

Annoyingly, Systrom couldn’t come up with an actual date when the Android version of Instagram would be ready. Well then, we guess he should add some more people on that team of his. It makes sense that the fact that Android owns 43% of the U.S. market would be enough to convince Instagram to put more resources into the project.


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    The title is a lie..

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    Can you please change the title of this ad to one a little less false and misleading?

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    wanker title

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    Idiot. Waste of time. This is no more than a landing page with a misleading title.

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