Samsung Galaxy S III Sales Seeing Major Improvements Since Apple Patent Trial

The Apple – Samsung patent trial lasted nearly a month long, as the two sides continued to argue their points. When the trial ended and Samsung was pronounced the underdog, the future didn’t look too bright for the Korean company. They know Apple could use the patent infringements as an advantage to ban specific Samsung products from the market. With even stock prices plunging a tad at the time, Samsung wasn’t sure what the future had in-store.

With the release of the chart above; you can tell that consumers love the Galaxy S III smartphone. Customers weren’t intimidated at all over the patent trial. Instead of S III sales plunging due to the patent trial, they literally did the opposite. As the chart presents, sales of the smartphone more than doubled briefly after Samsung was pronounced the loser.

The likely cause of the Galaxy S III sales uprise is because consumers were scared that the device would be kicked off the market. It isn’t usual to witness a spike in sales during the middle of August. There wasn’t even a special deal ran, according to our research.

Now, another interesting point on the chart is the amount of sales between the dates, September 11th and 17th. That was smack dab on top of the iPhone announcement date. The once again large sales increase  may have been related to the consumers that were left unthrilled regarding the iPhone 5’s features.

Source(s): BGR and Localytics

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