Nokia’s Super Confidential Android Device!

We are not sure about the device is “super confidential” or not, but we’ve just come across yet another Nokia N9 lookalike with a non-MeeGo operating system on board. But there is no way to verify that the Android home-screen we see bellow is a legitimate Gingerbread installation and not a mere screenshot.

Another noticeable thing is the resolution looks like all wrong, but the source of this image is the same Chinese fellow that posted a picture of Nokia’s Windows Phone prototype, the Sea Ray,in May.

So we’re inclined to believe he’s got an inside line on these things. Additionally, the undersized Android UI elements on the screen actually encourage us to believe that this is indeed a Nokia testing device. If we got something fake like this, we’d use a regular screen grab for our tomfoolery and Stephen Elop has openly admitted that Nokia spent a couple of wild seconds contemplating a switch to Android. Well, then what will be the alternate future might have looked like!
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