OnLive Viewer Allows you To Watch Playing Games From Android Device

Do you ever think of you are playing game and can share the screen through web! While OnLive plans to bring its game streaming service to the HTC Flyer later this year. The company has decided to release an app fot the android platfrom. OnLive Viewer is already available on iOS, now it turns your HTC Flyer into a display for you to stream live video feeds of other people playing games using the OnLive service.

OnLive Viewer is part of a firmware update for the HTC Flyer and that can not be downloaded from the Android Market but the folks at XDA-developers managed to rip the app and put it online for everyone to enjoy. Now you will be able to use any Android device to watch other people play games since you can’t play them yet. As is the case with ripped apps it isn’t officially supported by the company so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work on your Android phone or tablet. Head over to XDA-developers to download it.

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