Papaya Farm HD: Best Farmville Game For Android

The best farmville game for your Android powered device. Papaya Farm HD is designed for 800×480 or higher screen resolution. So very cool animation game for you. And you can try it for free now. This apps is available in the android market.

Papaya Farm HD is coming,which is designed for 800x480 or higher screen resolution. Papaya Farm HD is coming,which is designed for 800x480 or higher screen resolution.

Papaya Farm HD has a gorgeous interfaces with cabbage, flowers and cute plants. You can drag anywhere to see more like Zoom in and out to feel more. Here you have to make money by growing crops and raising animals then Share joy with your friends using variable items. Create the coolest virtual space by growing fruits and veggies and exploring with your friends.

So this is all about the App. What are you thinking For? Go to your Android Market, download now and start playing.
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  1. A. Damon

    LOL? the best game for Android is Farm Story… bigger, stronger and faster. Check it out…

  2. theresa outlaw

    Hi my name is theresa outlaw and I am a papaya form clear on my android phone I was planned again last night my phone shut down on me when it came back up I lost the previous day I was planing it started me over at level I when I was on level XIV all of my papayas I bought them and had completed the majority of my tasks I would like to know how to get my old gang back so I do not have to start over again can you please help me you can reach me by e-mail T outlaw and on the new games I have collected some animals that I did not get a chance to collect all my old gang also have points on the new game is there way that all that can be combined a will I lose one for the other please let me know thank you very much and have a blessed day and a wonderful week in

  3. Jmarkjime

    i hope that should be available on pc . This chat room would do better than any other chats .

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