PeeperPeeper Lets You Catch The People Trying To Read Your Messages

If you own a smartphone and are always worrying who might access your Facebook or WhatsApp messages in a moment of neglect, worry not. PeeperPeeper for Android lets you catch such peeping toms by setting up decoys.


This app is a relatively recent entry at Google Play store and may not come off as very refined. However, it packs excellent functionality and plays to the brilliant idea cited above – namely, helping you find such people who may try to read your Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE or WeChat messages.

This is how the app works: it lets you create shortcuts to popular apps such as Facebook and Whatsapp. These shortcuts do not work and are simply decoys. When someone launches any of them, it displays a random error message which appears fairly genuine. At the same time, it snaps a picture of the person trying to launch the decoy app, using the front-facing camera.

Now, when you have to see exactly who tried to access your private messages on your handset, all you need to do is launch the PeeperPeeper app itself. The app contains an entire log of all intruders and the decoy apps they accessed, along with their faces. So when you pull up the log, you finally catch all the peeping toms red-handed and know the folks who have been trying to dig into your private communication.

For security-conscious Android users, this is an excellent new app. It doesn’t exactly make use of any significantly different technology. Rather, it merely uses the existing app technologies around a new idea which is incredibly useful. You can download the app here.

Source: Google Play

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