Protect Your Android Device With An Effective Firewall

Google’s Android platform is a favorite among the authors of malicious apps and malware. Being open source, it’s just an easy target. If you use Android, the best thing to do is install a good enough firewall to ward off these security threats.

NoRoot Firewall

Typically, a malicious app or a malware written for mobile devices aims to steal your personal information and/or financial data. There are all sorts of buyers out there for this data which can then be exploited and misused in a plethora of ways. So, like the cliched saying goes, better be safe than sorry.

That’s where the role of an Android firewall comes in. If you an average Android user, you will be hooked to Wi-Fi most of the times and your device will be online in one way or the other. Being on the internet, and connected to a Wi-Fi, are weak security spots for your Android device.

A good firewall effectively adds an extra protective layer which shields you from the possible security hazards. NoRoot Firewall, for instance, is a brilliant little app on the Google Play store. This app essentially keeps track of all the internet connections on your device, since each app and service normally forges its own online connection. The app notifies you about the kind of data the app or service in question is sharing over its connection.

Moreover, it ensures that a suspicious app is not misusing the permissions it has been granted on your Android device. For instance, if an app tries to misuse camera by snapping your pictures or recording a video without explicit permission, that’s a red flag. Without a firewall, you wouldn’t become instantly aware of it. NoRoot Firewall, however, keeps track of such suspicious activity and notifies you as soon as it happens.

Like the name suggests, this firewall doesn’t need root access on Android devices. And to top it, it is available as a free app. So if you want to shore up the security of your Android smartphone or tablet, look no farther than this app.

NoRoot Firewall can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Source: Google Play

Courtesy: Redmond Pie

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  1. philip fries

    there is not good non-root firewall unless one is using “firewall” in an EXTREMELY loose sense

    Not all kernels are backed with IPtables support

    this brings us back to only buy hardware with unlocked bootloaders

    and only the imbecilic attach a google account to android hardware

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