Send Local And Cloud Videos To Chromecast Using AirCast For Android

In the past, many ways of streaming media to Google’s Chromecast have been explored. So far, no publicly available tool allowed the users to test their hands at such methods. Now, Koushish Dutta is releasing an Android app which would let you stream local videos as well as content from cloud to Chromecast.


The app is being touted as AirCast for Android. For now, Dutta has stated that the app still has a few qualms and is still not fully functional. However, he is making it available for download and will continue to sort out the kinks at the same time.

AirCast for Android can be installed on an Android device and it can be used to stream video content from Google Drive, Dropbox or the gallery. This content can be streamed straight to Google dongle and you get to have playback controls right inside the app on your Android device.

This makes it really easy to stream media from multiple sources with ease. The app serves somewhat of a central hub from where you can source content from different places and keep the playback controls in your own hand.

According to Dutta, the app is in testing for now. Specifically, HTC One users may experience some issues when trying their hands at the app. However, he promises that he is working on the few minor issues left in the app and that it would be fully functional soon. You can watch the video below to see a demo of the app.

Source: Koushish Dutta

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