Apple Time Capsule MB764LL/A 500GB

Apple’s Time Capsule MB764LL/A the nagging need to back up has been replaced by automatic, constant protection. And even better, it all happens wirelessly. Time Capsule includes a wireless hard drive designed to work with Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard.This is full-featured 802.11n Wi-Fi base station Time Capsule works with Mac computers, PCs, iPhone, iPod touch, Apple TV, and virtually all 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi wireless devices all at the same time Protect yourself with the built-in firewall and industry-standard encryption and lot more technologies. This is an Amazon’s product review. Checkout more detail bellow.

Product Features:

* Includes Time Capsule; CD with AirPort Utility (Mac and Windows); AirPort Disk Utility for Mac OS X v10.4 and Windows, Enabler for Mac OS X v10.4
* Connect your DSL or cable modem to Time Capsule, then quickly set it up with the easy-to-use AirPort Utility, for both Mac OS X and Windows.
* For maximum range and compatibility, Time Capsule works simultaneously on both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.
* Now you can set up a separate Wi-Fi network with a separate password for your visitors. Simply enable the new guest networking feature.
* Print documents, photos, and more from any room in your home or office to a central printer connected to Time Capsule via USB

Technical Details:

* Brand Name: Apple
* Model: MB764LL/A
* Hardware Platform: PC, Mac
* Form Factor: 3.5″ x 1/3H
* Networking Feature: Wireless access point
* Data Link Protocol: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.11n (draft), IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11g
* Width: 7.8 inches
* Depth: 7.8 inches
* Height: 1.4 inches
* Weight: 3.5 pounds

New Features
Some Wi-Fi devices use the 2.4GHz wireless band, including iPhone, iPod touch, and devices using 802.11b/g. Other devices can use either 2.4 GHz or the higher-speed 5 GHz band, such as the latest 802.11n-based Mac computers and Apple TV. Instead of choosing one of the bands, Time Capsule now operates simultaneously on both bands, and your multiband devices automatically use the best available band. This means all your Wi-Fi devices get the fastest possible wireless performance and the best possible range.

And with this updated Time Capsule, it’s easier than ever to allow guests to use your Internet connection without sharing your password or giving them access to the rest of your network. Simply enable the new Guest Networking feature using the AirPort Utility application and create a separate Wi-Fi network just for your friends. You can set up this guest network with a different password or with none at all. Your primary network–including your printer, attached drives, or other devices–remains secure.

If you’re away from home and need a file on your Time Capsule back at home, you can now access all the files on your Time Capsule drive over the Internet. Simply register your Time Capsule with a MobileMe account (subscription required), and its drive appears in the Finder sidebar of your Mac just like any other attached drive.

Enjoy seamless, wireless backups from your Mac running Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard.

Continuous Backup
This Apple Time Capsule includes a 500 GB hard drive that’s designed to work with Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard. Just set Time Capsule as the designated backup drive for Time Machine, and that’s it. Depending on how much data you have, your initial backup with Time Capsule could take overnight or longer. After it completes, only changed files are backed up–automatically, wirelessly, and in the background. If you have multiple Mac computers in your house, Time Capsule can back up and store files for each Leopard-based Mac on your wireless network without having to attach an external drive to each Mac every time you want to back up.

Time Capsule with Time Machine in Leopard is the ideal backup solution. But that doesn’t mean Tiger, Windows XP, and Windows Vista users can’t enjoy the benefits of Time Capsule, too. Because Time Capsule mounts as a wireless hard drive, Tiger and Windows users simply access Time Capsule directly from the wireless network for exchanging and storing files quickly and easily.

Time Capsule works seamlessly and wirelessly with all your Wi-Fi devices. In fact, it’s an incredibly easy way for up to 50 users to share a single broadband Internet connection and USB printer without messy cables. And you don’t have to worry about a difficult network setup. Time Capsule uses the Bonjour technology in Mac OS X to allow AirPort-equipped Mac computers running Mac OS X to find each other with no effort on your part–they discover each other just by virtue of being connected to the network.

Computers are only part of the wireless story. If you’re an Apple TV owner, you can easily integrate it into your Time Capsule network and enjoy the fastest possible connection for syncing with your computer’s iTunes library and streaming to your widescreen TV. And if you use an iPhone or an iPod touch, they’ll connect to your Time Capsule network to let you surf the web and more. iPhone automatically switches from the cellular network to your Wi-Fi network as soon as you walk in the front door of your home.

Time Capsule works effortlessly with any computer that uses Wi-Fi standards, whether it’s a Mac or whether it’s a Dell, HP, IBM, or any other Windows-based PC. That’s because Time Capsule is based on a draft 802.11n specification and is compatible with the earlier 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g specifications.

Print Command Central
The included USB port is great for sharing a printer throughout your wireless network. Time Capsule and the Bonjour networking technology let everyone in the house or office–Mac and PC users alike–take advantage of one centrally located printer. And if you want to share both a printer and an additional hard drive, you can. Just connect a USB hub to Time Capsule.

Features and Specifications

  • Compatible with Wi-Fi Certified 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n enabled Mac computers, iPhone, iPod touch, and Windows-based PCs
  • Frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz simultaneously
  • One Gigabit Ethernet WAN port for connecting a DSL or cable modem
  • Three Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports for connecting computers or network devices
  • USB 2.0 port for connecting a USB printer or USB external hard drive
  • Security: Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA/WPA2); Wireless security (WEP) configurable for 40-bit and 128-bit encryption; MAC address filtering; NAT firewall

What’s in the Box
Time Capsule (500 GB); AirPort Utility for Mac and Windows; AirPort Disk Utility for Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger and Windows; 802.11n Enabler for Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger; Bonjour for Windows; power supply with cord; printed and electronic documentation.

The technologies including WPA/WPA2 and 128-bit WEP System Requirements – For Time Machine backup – Mac with Mac OS X Leopard / For setup and administration – Mac computer with Mac OS X v.10.4 or later, CD drive, and Ethernet or wireless networking capability; PC with Windows XP (SP2) or Windows Vista, CD drive, and Ethernet or wireless networking capability / For wireless client access – Mac with AirPort or AirPort Extreme wireless capability; PC with 802.11a/b/g/n / For shared hard drive – Mac with Mac OS X v10.4.8 or later; PC with Windows XP (SP2) or Windows Vista; Bonjour

That’s all about the Apple’s Time Capsule MB764LL/A. This is available in You can directly order or Buy form here.

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