Apple TV Software Updated To Version 4.2.1

Apple has just released a new update to the Apple TV’s firmware, designed to fix the problem. The update version 4.2.1 also brings stability improvements, and squashes a slew of bugs, including “wake from sleep” issues, muted audio.

According to Apple the features are as follows:

* TV compatibility: Addresses issues that may cause the screen to flicker or display incorrect color on some older TVs.
* Wake from sleep: Addresses an issue where Apple TV may not wake from sleep.
* Audio: Addresses an issue where audio may not be heard on some TV models after switching from another input.
* Stability and performance: Apple TV software Update 4.2.1 includes stability and performance fixes for Apple TV.

To update your Apple TV, from Settings –> General , hit “Update Software”, followed by “Download and Install” to get to the latest build.

Download Apple TV 4.2.1 (8F202)

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