Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 announced on July 27, 2009 is an optically image stabilized 12.1 megapixel super zoom digital camera that features 2.7 inch LCD, high-speed auto-focus, support for high definition video in the AVCHD Lite format, ISO range from 80 to 1600, 18x zoom lens with a focal length of 27-486mm….

Panasonic release its Lumix FZ35 hybrid camera in the US. This 12MP camera noasts a 18x optical zoom as well as its Optical Imsage Stabilization. Packs a dedicated video recording button, Panasonic Lumix FZ35 capable to record video in 720p resolution.

Panasonic FZ35 uses AVCHD Lite dynamic record format , the video resolution on , 1280 × 720 pixel standard is not beyond our expectation. AVCHD Lite record format, on, 1280 × 720 is not our expectation. At the same time , FZ35 is also equipped with a Panasonic date first POWER OIS Optical Image Stabilization technology ( OIS Optical Image Stabilizer technology until ) the telephoto camera . At same time, FZ35 is also equipped with a POWER Image Stabilization (OIS Image Stabilizer until) camera. POWER OIS Panasonic combine with DC, DV ‘s anti-shake feature , introduced a new optical Vibration Reduction technology , the effect of improved than before . POWER OIS combine with DC, DV’s anti-shake feature, Vibration Reduction technology, the effect of than before.

Panasonic Lumix FZ35 digital cameras as well as any other similar products are some of its essential specifications which will enable persons analyzing them to discover and decide which can be seen as advantageous features and which should be regarded as drawbacks. Such specifications can be considered its dimensions which are as it follows: a 4.6 in width, a 3.5 in depth, a 3 in height as well as its weight of 12.9 oz, its black enclosure color and the12.1 megapixels type of resolution presented by it. The optical sensor presented by it is CCD type and the sensor resolution has been considered as one of 12100000 pixels. Its digital zoom is 4x and its shooting modes are considered to be frame movie type.

The LUMIX FZ35 is truly unique as it includes advanced features like HD video recording, but still resembles and functions like an intuitive point-and-shoot with the ability to capture beautiful photos and video,” said David Briganti, Senior Product Manager, Imaging, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company. “This model’s versatility makes it a great choice for a new or advanced user who wants a hybrid device that shoots high-quality still and motion images.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 (DMC-FZ38 in Europe) is a super-zoom, digital compact camera built as a successor to the DMC-FZ28. It features a powerful 27mm, wide-angle LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens with an 18x optical zoom AND a 12.1-megapixel CCD sensor. This combined with the POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) and ultra high-speed AF allow users to take exceptionally high-quality photos quickly and effectively. Most unique about the DMC-FZ35 is its incorporation of AVCHD Lite*2 technology, which is a superior Motion format.

It surpasses conventional QuickTime and JPEG videos. Included also is a Creative Movie mode, which allows users to manually adjust the shutter & aperture—giving them the power to develop near professional-quality films. Note also the unit’s impressive array of photo-taking features:  Intelligent Auto, Face Recognition, Intelligent ISO Control, Intelligent Exposure, and five automatic scene settings.

It’s fine for beach use, but serious shooters and divers may want to look elsewhere. It is rather awkward to use and lacks manual controls. And the 10 feet of waterproofing means it will be fine for shallow scuba diving, but won’t cut it for anything more serious.It is also not proofed against extreme temperatures, so it’s not guaranteed to stand up to being dropped on the ski slopes.

The FZ35 also takes a pretty good picture, relative to other compacts, and factoring in its ability to continuous focus and manually expose while shooting HD video, its very effective image stabilization, fun face detection, and super fast AF, the FZ35 is a compelling choice for photographers seeking a superzoom type camera.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38:
* 12.7-megapixel sensor total.
* Able to take pictures up to 4000 x 3000 pixels.
* 720p video at 30fps.
* A 27mm wide angle LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens with 18x zoom.
* Image stabilizer Power O.I.S.
* ISO 80-1600 (6400 with reduced resolution).
* 2.3 shots per second at 12.1-megapixel full resolution.
* 2.7-inch TFT LCD Display.
* USB 2.0.
* Mini HDMI output.
* Storage, support SD/SDHC Memory Card.
* 40MB internal memory.

It’s small and easy to use and when you add in the 18x zoom you have a very powerful photo tool. He didn’t even have much of a problem with flare and was able to take well consistent color balanced, in focus photos. Talk about a perfect travel camera.

Panasonic Lumix FZ35 digital cameras also include certain special effects such as Cool, Sepia or Warm. Its minimum shutter speed is said to be of 60 seconds while the maximum one has been considered somewhere around 1/2000seconds. It also presents face detection options and as still image formats the common Raw and JPG types. These are some of the important specifications which might enable persons interested in analyzing Panasonic Lumix FZ35 digital cameras to decide upon the appropriateness of using such devices. All the products of this type present advantages and disadvantages and by being aware of them we shall decide whether they are the proper features to be presented by the digital camera that we might enjoy using the most.

Panasonic FZ35 shape design impressive , although the full plastic material so that the camera lacks a sort of metal feel, but the thick rubber skin , tight joints between parts Lumix FZ series cameras are fine tradition of continuity. impressive, although the so that the camera lacks a sort of metal feel, but the skin, Lumix FZ fine tradition of The lower right corner of the Golden Camera “L” represents the FZ35 ( quotations parameter evaluation Gallery ) equipped with a certification through the German company ‘s high-quality Leica lens . The lower right corner of the represents the equipped with a through the company’s lens.

The auto-focus system was pretty sharp and quite fast. The tracking system works very well, allowing the user to lock in focus on a moving subject and maintain the focus. It was able to keep up with my dog quite easily, even when he left the frame momentarily. Like many cameras in this category, it did have some difficulty in low-light conditions where there was little contrast, but again, that’s not unique to the FZ35.

The video mode is already better than most still cameras, but Panasonic included one more trick on the FZ35. Like the Micro Four-Thirds GH1, the FZ35 features a stereo mic on top of the pop-up flash. It works as well as any stereo mic in a consumer-level camcorder I’ve seen and is a feature that does truly set the FZ35 apart from just about every other camera. Considering that most camcorders only manage a three-megapixel still photo at best, the FZ35 should be given serious consideration for those looking for one camera to do it all on a limited budget. This is a truly welcome feature.

Overall the FZ35 is more compact (and much cheaper) than a dSLR, offers better functionality and control than a typical point-and-shoot, and represents a great value as a hybrid movie/still camera that works around its technical limitations as well as any other superzoom on the market. This is worth your money.

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