ASUS EeeKeyboard – PC In A Keyboard

ASUS EeeKeyboard working like kind of pc as you have guessed in a keybord finally shipping on the next month. “We have to apologise a little bit  we’ll try to perfect it. We promise it won’t be further delayed – we think April time frame we’ll have mass production” according to Asus chairman Jonney Shih in a press conference.
Asus EeeKeyboard
ASUS EeeKeyboard have 1GB of RAM.  Cooling is via heat-pipes to the Atom N280 1.66GHz processor and accompanying chipset, leading back to a 40mm exhaust fan which, Blogeee report, makes little noise.  Other components are more modular, such as the 11n wireless, Bluetooth and WiFi adapters and a 16 or 32GB SSD.At the back there are three USB2 ports, HDMI and VGA video outputs plus Ethernet and audio.
The most interesting part is the touchscreen built into the right-hand side of the unit. It has all sorts of clever little apps.

_MG_2527At first glance the screen display looks like a similar interface to standalone-app gadgets like the Chumby. The difference here is that the screen isn’t a separate bolt-on device running a linux derivative – it’s actually a secondary Windows monitor. That means the interface is pretty responsive and a lot more sophisticated than you’d expect. You can even bring up the Windows XP desktop on it if you want, albeit at a very odd portrait aspect ratio._MG_2530

When you’re not using it to navigate menus, the touchscreen becomes a nice big touchpad to control the mouse on the main display.

There’s a proprietary wireless video transmitter to go with the Eee Keyboard, and although it’s technically an option Asus expects most units to be sold with one. There’s enough bandwidth to show HD video at 720P, and it was working flawlessly on the display stand with the receiver unit a few feet away. Unfortunately Asus was a bit skittish about us wandering off with one of the only two working samples in the universe, so we weren’t allowed to move the Eee Keyboard away from the receiver to see what the range was like.

_MG_2532So, assuming you want a PC in a keyboard – personally I don’t but I can see there might be some who do – the issue with the Eee Keyboard is the price. Asus tells us that it will launch at 550 euros including the video transceiver, which given the exchange rate will probably translate into something around £550.
Here is a video of ASUS Eee Keyboard feature demo



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