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Google Announced New Chromebooks With Intel Haswell Chips

Google has decided to expand its Chromebook family with new Intel Haswell chips with HP, Toshiba, Acer and Asus. Google had a big Intel Developer Forum conference on Wednesday, where Intel spotlighted several new Chromebooks with along with new hardware from brand new OEM partners, including a few existing partners too.

More Users Report Defects In Nexus 7, Google Investigates

When Google launched the original Nexus 7, manufactured by Asus, users reported a number of qualms in it soon after the release. However, overall, the tablet fared fairly well. Now, the second-generation Nexus 7 is here and users are also reporting a number of issues in it, which Google has started investigating.

Google May Collaborate With LG For Third-Gen Nexus 7

Google released its second-generation Nexus 7 slate only recently, after a lot of speculation and anticipation. The tablet is already being hailed as an excellent addition to the Nexus tablet line-up. And now, certain analysts have stated that Google may collaborate with LG for the third-generation Nexus 7.

A New Nexus 7 Is Coming Soon

It has been a while since Google launched Nexus 7, a slate that went on to garner significant popularity in the mini-tablet arena. It's been a year since the launch of original Nexus 7 and now, a report from FCC suggests that Google is gearing up for a new Nexus 7 model.
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