Asus Updates Xtion Pro Motion Sensor, Launching Soon

Asus showed off the Xtion Pro and Wavi Xtion motion sensors at CES. The Xtion Pro is a very basic device, especially compared to Kinect, but it seems like Asus is getting ready to launch a more advanced model shortly, the Xtion Pro Live. You may notice in the Asus website that the company is currently running a competition where you can vote for the best software developed by a wide range of competitors for its Xtion Pro motion sensor which is quite similar to Kinect for Xbox 360.

Asus Xtion Pro Live launching soon

Well, fast-forward six months and there’s already an updated model on the market: the Windows- and Linux-compatible Xtion Pro Live. There are a couple of major differences between the Xtion Pro and the Xtion Pro Live. The webcam is hardly going to blow your mind, as just like Kinect, it tops out at 640×480 resolution. Surprisingly Asus has managed to keep the size of the unit the same, despite the additional sensor.The Xtion Pro Live is a pair of microphones, that is so handy for voice commands and for web cam usage, one again following in the footsteps of Kinect.

Asus Xtion Pro Live launching soon

Asus Xtion Pro Motion Sensor retail price of €175 (S$300) which compares badly against buying a standalone Kinect unit for €95 (S$165). Even the Xtion Pro is quite a lot more expensive at €155 (S$270). For now no information when the Xtion Pro Live will be available, but considering pricing is already out it should release soon.
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