Asus WX-DL Touch Sensitive Mouse

Asus has launched their own version of a touch sensitive mouse naming as Asus WX-DL.It is a wireless laser mouse dreamt up by Asus designer David Lewis.The mouse comes with a Magic Mouse-like touch sensitive surface that recognizes multi-touch gestures (like four-way scrolling), plus a multimedia remote that puts the wireless connection to good use.

The body is made up of aluminum and it operates using a 1,200DPI laser sensor.Its round shape differentiates from the Apple Magic Mouse, and most other mice currently on the market. The shape does, however, strike a resemblance to the Mac “puck” mouse that came with the blue and white G3s and the first iMacs.

Asus claims that this mouse is compatible with all editions of Windows since Windows 2000. It is on sale for a price tag of USD 80.


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