AVS Gear Launched ZIPPY BL-741 LED Backlight Keyboard

AVS Gear has launched its ZIPPY BL-741 LED backlight keyboard with an ergonomic design and precision scissor-keys. The backlit keyboard has adjustable color lighting with RGB LEDs under the keys to achieve all sorts of colors.

The keys promise to be quiet in use, but they use scissor mechanisms for tying feel. The LEDs mean that the keyboard uses less power than some others with backlighting do. The backlighting can also be turned off if desired.

The keyboard has hotkeys and a rotating Intaglio that can have commands bound to it. The keyboard connects via USB and has 104 keys. The total number of possible colors is 512.

There are also triple-color (Red/Blue/Green) LEDs and an On/Off switch to control backlight ambience, and a semicircle intaglio with hotkeys and LED lens where users can place handy items conveniently.

The ZIPPY BL-741 LED backlight keyboard is available at Amazon for $44.99.


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