Yamaha MCX-A10 MusicCAST Digital Audio Terminal

MusicCAST Desktop Wireless Client with built in IEEE802.11b for wireless communication with music server, Built-in Hi-Fidelity digital amplifier for any type of speaker configuration, On-screen video out for video monitor display, Subwoofer output for powered subwoofer, LAN (Ethernet) network connection and a Large LCD display for ease of use. MCX-A10 Wireless Digital Audio Terminal The MusicCAST MCX-A10 clients provide a vast assortment of connections including speaker outputs, left/right audio pre-outs, subwoofer output, and video output so that you can view the on-screen display on a larger monitor. This is an Amazon’s product review. Checkout more details bellow.


Product Features

  • Digital audio client supports wireless music transmission to anywhere in the home. Can use with MCX-SP10 MusicCast Speakers (optional) and MCX-1000 MusicCast Digital Audio Server
  • Communicates with IEEE802.11b music servers (Use with Yamaha MCX-1000 MusicCast Digital Audio Server)
  • Built-in hi-fi¬†digital amplifier supports multitude of speaker configurations (Can use with Yamaha MCX-SP10 MusicCast Speakers)
  • Onscreen video out, line-out audio output, subwoofer output, and audio input
  • Includes LAN connection

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Yamaha
  • Model: MCXA10

Amazon.com Product Description Designed for use expressly with Yamaha’s MCX-1000 80 GB MusicCAST digital-audio server, the MCX-A10 MusicCAST digital-audio terminal (or “client”) is a wireless or wired receiver/amplifier for the music broadcast from the central server. You can use up to seven clients per server to enjoy music in every room of your house, and the MCX-A10 offers a strong 17 watts per channel (x 2) through clip-type speaker


Learn about the MusicCAST system in detail
terminals for powering nearly any loudspeakers, including Yamaha’s matching MCX-SP10.You can think of the MusicCAST system as a digital jukebox for every room in your home. The MCX-A10 provides instant access to the massive library of songs (in MP3 or linear PCM) you’ve stored on the MCX-1000 server. With your client, you can easily create playlists to complement special occasions or gatherings, or simply enjoy selections from your entire CD collection at random, all without having to leave the room–or even cross the room–to select the music.

The MCX-A10’s efficient graphical user interface and slender remote control put the ability to organize and browse your collection right at your fingertips. You’ll even enjoy visual access to all server features through an onscreen display (when connected to a local TV).

Connections include one each stereo analog (left/right) audio input and output and a dedicated subwoofer output in case you want to enhance the system’s low-end output with a powered sub.

The client features speaker and line outputs, a LAN connection for optional wired communication with the MusicCAST server, and video outputs for displaying the onscreen menus on a TV or monitor.

That’s all about the Yamaha MCX-A10 MusicCAST Digital Audio Terminal. This Digital Audio Terminal is available in Amazon.com. You can directly order or buy from here.
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