Base Station 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch Has Released

Westfield, Indiana – Very Alien Productions has introduced Base Station 1.0, their new base conversion app for iPhone and iPod touch. Designed specifically to leverage the iPhone interface, Base Station is a powerful tool that effortlessly converts numbers between base 2 and 36. Perfect for students, professionals, or casual users alike, the app offers learning features, as well as specific tools for IEEE single-precision floating point, Unicode characters, and RGB colors.


Base Station is a powerful base converter. The app can convert any positive integer or fraction between any two bases from 2 to 36. For the more common bases (binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal), Base Station has the unique ability to convert both positive and negative integers and real (fractional) numbers.

Base Station is a learning tool. To help better understand the relationship between common bases, the app has an animated counting feature that simultaneously shows positive and negative integer values for binary, decimal, and hexadecimal numbers.

Base Station has specific features to further enhance productivity. Ever wondered how a computer internally represents a single-precision floating-point number (“float”) in IEEE format? Look no further than Base Station to convert between a human-readable decimal number and its equivalent IEEE format! Need to find a particular Unicode character or create a specific RGB color? Let Base Station with its intuitive interface show a Unicode character or RGB color and equivalent numerical values in decimal, binary, and hexadecimal.

Base Station provides an optional custom keyboard for base 2 through 16 to help with quickly entering numbers.


* Converts integers and fractions between any two bases from 2 to 36.
* Additionally converts positive and negative integers and fractions for common bases (2, 8, 10, 16).
* Demonstrates the relationship between bases 2, 10, and 16 through animated counting.
* For programmers (and the ultra-curious), there are tools for IEEE floating point, Unicode characters, and RGB colors.
* Offers a custom keyboard for binary through hexadecimal numbers for easy data entry.

Device Requirements:

* iPhone or iPod touch, 3.1.3 or later
* 1.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:

Base Station 1.0 is only $1.99 (USD) and available exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. Review copies are available upon request. Base Station joins Very Alien’s first two apps, Trigonomics and Geometrics, which have both been featured in the New and Noteworthy section on the App Store.


Some screenshots are given below.

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