AppleNBerry Recalls GEVEY Ultra 5.1 For GSM iPhone 4

Unlocking iPhone devices is a tricky business. That is because Apple is quite vigilant in updating its software to remove any exploits being used by unlocking tools. This is precisely what has happened with the GEVEY Ultra 5.1 for GSM iPhone 4 tool. It no longer can unlock iPhone 4’s GSM model since Apple has tackled the exploit it made use of.

In a blog post written on the blog of Apple N Berry, the company has officially announced that its aforementioned tool will no longer be valid or useful in unlocking iPhone 4. And that, because of this, the company is accepting returns for all users who purchased the tool from the official website.

As for those users who have ordered GEVEY Ultra 5.1 for GSM iPhone 4 and haven’t received it yet, they will automatically received a full refund. According to the post, the tool made use of Loktar Sun’s discovery of an Apple server logic error. The exploit developed through it made use of an ICCID bug and helped unlock the modem firmware of the iPhone.

However, this can no longer work since on April 27, Apple fixed this bug and hence closed this door to unlock iPhone . Apple N Berry has vowed that such server-side exploits will not be incorporated in any other GEVEY products so that the users don’t have to face any more disappointments. Nonetheless, the good thing is that the company has taken full responsibility for the whole happening and has offered refunds for the users.

So, be careful about buying those unit, check regularly for upto date news.

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